My latest contribution to the Frog Hollow Green Mountain Artisans Series. Jennifer Ranz is a ceramic artist in Greensboro, Vermont. This film tells the story of her craft and community.

This film highlights Vermont's creative community with a focus on several established artisans from the Frog Hollow State Craft Center: glassblower Michael Egan; sculptor Kate Pond; jewelry artist Ivy Long; and wood turner Alan Stirt. Vermont PBS has broadcast this film through the Green Mountain Artisans series.

This 6 minute video tells the story of sculptor Eben Markowski’s Elephant Project. The film documents the artistic process over 18 months, blending video, stills, voice and music.

Sculptures and opening for the "Dear Wild Ones" show at Northern Daughter's gallery in Vergennes, Vermont. For Dear Wild Ones, Markowski created a volley of birds who, despite the physical weight of the materials, appear to be poised to take off at any moment.

Tabbatha Henry creates modern porcelain lighting and sculpture in her studio by the river in Waterbury, Vermont.

Meadowbrook Gypsies specializes in the Gypsy Vanner breed and is based in Townshend, Vermont.

This is a trailer for the Frog Hollow Green Mountain Artisans film featuring Jennifer Ranz. The film premiered on Vermont PBS in May 2018 and will be shown in rotation this summer.

The one minute trailer for the Frog Hollow Green Mountain Artisans film.

A short film about Rosalita (chocolate lab extraordinaire) produced for the 2017 SEABA Burlington, Vermont Art Hop

Designers Bay and Josiah Jackson founded Ironwood Designs. This film is a quick exploration of their design philosophy.

Designers Bay and Josiah Jackson founded Ironwood Designs in 2012. Their studio and workshop are located in Bristol, Vermont where they design and build all of their furniture and homeware collections.

The Branon Family, comprised of seven generations, has been sugaring for more than a century. Their methods of operation have changed throughout the years, from buckets and horses to pipelines and vacuums, but the products and commitment to tradition have remained the same.