The Intervale Recovers from Irene

Today I went to the Burlington Intervale to visit the farms and discover some positive news amidst the shock of Hurricane Irene's impact on Vermonters all across the State. My good friends Andy Jones and Becky Maden of the Intervale Community Farm greeted me warmly and told me about their flood experience and the produce they were able to save!  They had many many wonderful helping hands last Friday, Saturday and Monday gathering as many vegetables as possible.

Becky checks on the beautiful tomatoes in the greenhouse in the photo below. You can see the silt line from the flood.  The tomatoes are bountiful and delicious!


Josh Deane enjoys cantaloupe harvested last Friday before the flood.

The raspberries were covered with water about a foot high, but above that line they are ripening!

The farmers were able to pick tons of onions and tomatoes with the help of members before the fields were inundated with water.  They are in storage now.

Diana Doll, owner of Stray Cat Flower Farm, explained how the water rose to just below the blooms in this field at her farm.

Samantha Tilton harvests Rudbeckia at Stray Cat Farm.

The Stray Cat check list - everything is OK.

Hilary Martin and Hayden Boska of Digger’s Mirth Farm wash a huge harvest of beets.  These were all picked last Friday and Saturday.

Intervale Community Farm’s broccoli, peppers and kohlrabi.

Jessica Sanford of the Intervale Community Farm washing peppers.

Andy Jones and Becky Maden unload more vegetables to store in their large cooler.

Jill Rotondo of the Intervale Community Farm carries a box of colorful peppers on the trike!