Eben Markowski - Elephant Sculpture Project


I’ve been documenting sculptor Eben Markowski’s work on his amazing Elephant Project for over a year. He was recently featured in Make Magazine, based in California. “The magazine that celebrates your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your own will.”

This publication is the creative’s guide to what can be made using all kinds of materials, found or otherwise. It is full of unusual projects and exceptional talent. MakeMagazine_Eben_Markowski I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Eben and photographing he and his work for about 18 years.  He always amazes me with each new task and challenge he takes on. His is the quintessential artist and creative thinker.

Here are some of my still images of his process along with a short “teaser” video which is part of my larger documentary project.

Eben Markowski's Elephant Project from Natalie Stultz on Vimeo.