At the Races! Saratoga in Summer

In late July my husband Dave and I traveled to Saratoga Racetrack in upstate New York to see the races. It was our first time there and being a "horse person" all my life I was thrilled to see the historic track and feel the adrenaline! natalie_stultz_saratoga_01b

We got up early the next day and were at the track at 7:00 to photograph the horses during their workouts.  It was a beautiful morning and we saw the horses far more closely than on race day. We went on a tour of the barn area which was particularly satisfying for me to smell the horses and hay, and get a feel for the scene.

We met our friends Pam and Jim Brangan for the race day. They knew the score and showed us the ropes!

I enjoyed the parade of horses as they were brought in to the paddock area to get ready, and then watching their handlers wait for them after the race to cool down.

We saw the famous Triple Crown jockey Rosie Napravnik win the last race - we bet on All Over Me to win!


I keep thinking Eadweard Muybridge would have loved digital photography!natalie_stultz_saratoga_03natalie_stultz_saratoga_02