Juniper Hill Farm Barn Restoration


For the past few months I photographed a project at Juniper Hill Farm, where I grew up in Williston, Vermont. The barn was built in 1843, and the brick house in 1856.  It was a wonderful place to grow up. Lots of land and space and places to ride our horses and ponies.  ( Yes, I had a pony - three, actually!)

Juniper Hill Farm is owned by Karin and Gerry Davis, who kindly invited me to photograph the renovation of the main barn this year (see the slideshow below for portraits of Karin and Gerry with the restored barn).  Building Heritage, a  Preservation and Restoration outfit owned by Eliot Lothrop of Huntington, VT was brought on to do the project.  They have a great reputation and do excellent and thoughtful work.  The barn had sunk 37 inches on the northwest corner and much of the wood on the south was decimated by wind and weather. Many pieces of original hardware and lumber were reused throughout.

The project took about three months to complete.  The barn has a renewed energy that should last well into the next century!

Independence Day Parade

The fourth of July means parades all over Vermont!  Dave and I went to the Williston parade, which was held on July 3rd this year.  It was a bright and beautiful day and everyone had a smile on their face!  Williston is my home town, and I haven’t been back to a parade there in a few years.  I situated myself across from the Federated Church, where my family belonged when I was growing up.  It’s a quintessential New England church!

We saw the town band, the multi-talented Yandell Family Band featuring Duncan on the fiddle, the Lawn Chair brigade, people enjoying the view, and lots of fire trucks and vintage cars.  I thought it was a great idea for Paquette Full of Posies to hand out their bright red annuals – very photogenic!