Springtime at Rockville Market Farm

I went to Rockville Market Farm in Starksboro last week to photograph Keenann Kuiper, who along with her husband Eric Rozendaal, own and operate the farm.  We have a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share with them and can’t wait to start receiving fresh, flavorful vegetables!

I found Keenann watering spring seedlings in one of the greenhouses, and then we visited the deluxe new chicken coop, home to 1,000 laying hens.  They are watched over carefully by Molly, their Maremma livestock guardian dog who lives right along with her wards.

I photographed Keenann with some of the hen’s eggs, fresh radishes just plucked from the greenhouse earth, and even a pineapple, although that’s not one of their crops!

We had a great time out in the sunlight with bright colors, daffodils and laughter!

Thanks Keenann!



Winter Fun

We’ve had great snowfall this winter to partake in many wonderful sports!  One of the more esoteric winter sports we've come across is skijoring.  The dog (or horse) wears a harness and is connected by a length of rope to a person on skis.  Dogs over 40 pounds with a good pulling instinct are recommended. I recently photographed my friend Linda Thoma and her standard poodle Lucy skijoring on Colchester Pond.  It was the quintessential bright sunny Vermont day!  Linda was wearing her red Patagonia jacket from the 90’s – made to last and still lookin' good!

Lucy loves it and she loves Linda!

Here are some links to skijoring experts in Vermont if you are inspired to try this yourself:

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