Branon's West View Maples Project

I have just finished a wonderful project with the Branon Family in Fairfield, Vermont. They have an extensive maple sugaring operation and I have known and documented them for 16 years! With my husband and partner Dave Roberts' help we have created  a website and video using the images I have from the past, mixed with many new images and video to bring the Branon’s West View Maples operation to life. Please check out the website and look at the 3 minute video.  Jody Petersen of Cliff House Audio did the voice-over and audio production, and Colin McCaffrey of The Greenroom Studio wrote original music just for the Branon’s.

The Branon family has been amazing to work with and I thank Gene and Desiree, Dan and Helen, Adam, and Matt for all of their input and expertise, as well as the many excellent staff in their employ.

The Branon’s are a real Vermont family living in the tranquil landscapes and pristine woods of Fairfield, and work hard to bring their signature Vermont Organic Maple Syrup to market.

Anyone who would like to try some of this liquid gold for themselves is welcome to join the Branon's for their Sunday maple breakfasts running March 18-April 15 up at the sugarhouse.