Guadeloupe Visit

Dave and I recently visited Guadeloupe, the French island in the Caribbean.

We went with our good friends Barb and Geebo Church.

We rented a beautiful house high on a hill overlooking Grand Anse beach and the town of Deshaies.  We first got interested in the island from watching "Death in Paradise", the BBC murder mystery.  It's filmed on Guadeloupe.

We spent lots of time at our house, enjoying the pool, the view and the windy heat, and delicious French Rose.

We toured Basse-Terre, the western side of the island, and visited Le Jardin Botanique de Deshaies.

Burlington's Intervale Farms

I photographed at the Intervale Community Farm in Burlington last week when it was 96 degrees.  They were picking  green salad bowl lettuce, a baby lettuce variety, and weeding squash. Despite the high heat and humidity, the farmers, interns and volunteers were working determinedly and with good spirit!


Silas Branson

Kim Ward and crew pick baby lettuce: Glenna and Rod Copeland, Katie Richards and Warren Lee

Farm Manager Andy Jones

Katie Horner, an intern with the UVM Farmer Training program, and Alex Dugas, volunteer

Erik Rehman weeding squash

Emily Irwin, and Erik Rehman both work for ICF

Graham Waugh, a native of New Brunswick,Canada, and part of the UVM Farmer Training program

Assistant Farm Manager Becky Maden plowing the fields

Yael Rhodes and Chris Hessey making bouquets at the nearby Stray Cat Flower Farm

Below: The field's bounty today, during the CSA pick-up: tomatoes, zucchini and baby lettuces

Member Robyn Schenck picking her own flowers

Weighing a lettuce share

Nina DeLeone Mazuzan is really happy about the new tomatoes!




New Mexico

I was in New Mexico recently for my sister-in-law's wedding. We stayed in a wonderful B&B in Albuquerque, Los Poblanos, which is a working lavender farm replete with peacocks.

Impressions of Santa Fe: red-oranges, deep blues and bright light.

The Dunwells performed on the Santa Fe Plaza bandstand. My nephew Gabriel surrounded by burnt orange below.

Siri Chand and her mother Ann.  Ann and Steve Roberts, Kevin Stultz

The bride and groom during the traditional Sikh ceremony high on a mountaintop near Española. A beautiful weekend full of ceremony, family and friends!

Congratulations Siri Chand and Amar Atma!   June 23, 2013

Celebrate Summer Solstice: Abundance and the Beauty of Nature

Marjorie Susman

In the past week I photographed at Orb Weaver Farm in New Haven, Vermont, owned and run by Marjorie Susman and Marian Pollack, the lovely ladies of Orb Weaver.

In addition to the wonderful cheese they make in the winter months, they raise vegetables for market in the summer.

I captured them in the gardens, and I was also there for the delivery of 800 bales of hay for the cows’ feed in the colder months.

They had help off-loading the bales into their stunning barn from Eben and Heidi Markowski, Elias Baldwin and Dean Rheaume.

Eben Markowski



Farm to Table TV

Last week I was featured on WCAX, one of Burlington's local television newscasts.  They ran a series about Vermont photographers called "Capturing a Moment". My spot showcased my Farm to Table work and included my good friends at Rockville Market Farm in Starksboro.  We started by photographing egg collecting in the free range chicken coop and then we moved on to the kitchen where Keenann prepared an omelet.  I set up a small studio space in their kitchen to create the final image of the plated omelet.

I really enjoyed the experience with Gina Bullard and Joe Carroll of WCAX and the opportunity to share my work!

The Intervale Recovers from Irene

Today I went to the Burlington Intervale to visit the farms and discover some positive news amidst the shock of Hurricane Irene's impact on Vermonters all across the State. My good friends Andy Jones and Becky Maden of the Intervale Community Farm greeted me warmly and told me about their flood experience and the produce they were able to save!  They had many many wonderful helping hands last Friday, Saturday and Monday gathering as many vegetables as possible.

Becky checks on the beautiful tomatoes in the greenhouse in the photo below. You can see the silt line from the flood.  The tomatoes are bountiful and delicious!


Josh Deane enjoys cantaloupe harvested last Friday before the flood.

The raspberries were covered with water about a foot high, but above that line they are ripening!

The farmers were able to pick tons of onions and tomatoes with the help of members before the fields were inundated with water.  They are in storage now.

Diana Doll, owner of Stray Cat Flower Farm, explained how the water rose to just below the blooms in this field at her farm.

Samantha Tilton harvests Rudbeckia at Stray Cat Farm.

The Stray Cat check list - everything is OK.

Hilary Martin and Hayden Boska of Digger’s Mirth Farm wash a huge harvest of beets.  These were all picked last Friday and Saturday.

Intervale Community Farm’s broccoli, peppers and kohlrabi.

Jessica Sanford of the Intervale Community Farm washing peppers.

Andy Jones and Becky Maden unload more vegetables to store in their large cooler.

Jill Rotondo of the Intervale Community Farm carries a box of colorful peppers on the trike!

Springtime at Rockville Market Farm

I went to Rockville Market Farm in Starksboro last week to photograph Keenann Kuiper, who along with her husband Eric Rozendaal, own and operate the farm.  We have a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share with them and can’t wait to start receiving fresh, flavorful vegetables!

I found Keenann watering spring seedlings in one of the greenhouses, and then we visited the deluxe new chicken coop, home to 1,000 laying hens.  They are watched over carefully by Molly, their Maremma livestock guardian dog who lives right along with her wards.

I photographed Keenann with some of the hen’s eggs, fresh radishes just plucked from the greenhouse earth, and even a pineapple, although that’s not one of their crops!

We had a great time out in the sunlight with bright colors, daffodils and laughter!

Thanks Keenann!



Moonlight in Vermont

Last night was the super perigee moon event - the biggest full moon in about 20 years.  Dave and I traveled up to Fairfield, Vermont to the Branon's West View Maples sugarhouse for the St Alban's Community Center Second Annual Sap Run Boogie.  Our favorite band, the Starline Rhythm Boys, rocked the house. On our way there I caught this lovely view, "Moonrise, Sugarhouse, Vermont, 2011".

They were boiling and you can see the steam over the roof tinted in the Branons' traditional green.

Maybe Ansel Adams had a super perigee moon for his famous "Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, 1941" image?

Pete's Greens Fundraiser

On January 12th, a devastating fire destroyed the big yellow barn at Pete’s Greens in Craftsbury, Vermont.  The farm lost processing equipment and tractors as well as tons of root vegetables and meats destined for farm shares and stores. The importance of local farms in our communities to produce healthy food and support our economy is underscored by all of the efforts of friends and strangers alike.  There has been an outpouring of support all over Vermont for Pete's and I am happy to do my part!

I was asked to donate a print for the Craftsbury Community Dinner and Art Sale this Wednesday, January 19 at 6:00 pm the United Church of Craftsbury, sponsored by Stardust Books and Cafe and The Art House Gallery.

My print is of Andy Jones at the Intervale Community Farm in Burlington holding a variety of beautiful summer vegetables.

Please join in supporting Pete's Greens at the United Church of Craftsbury on the Common and buy Vermont agriculturally themed artwork by myself, John Miller, Jordan Silverman, Barbara Nedd, Marcia Hill, Sarah Mutrux, and Karen Dawson.  The farm also has donations by PayPal if you aren't able to attend the fundraiser - just go to Pete's Greens website.

I photographed the owner of Pete's Greens, Pete Johnson, for the Summer 2008 cover and feature article of Vermont Life Magazine, called “Our Food, Our Farmers” all about the farmers who are transforming the food scene in Vermont and embracing Localvores. It was one of the top selling issues in the history of the magazine and garnered Pete no less than 35 marriage proposals!

I hope the farm is on its way to a vigorous recovery with the help of so many loyal fans!

Picnic of Love

The most photogenic and romantic place to picnic in Paris is the pedestrian bridge called the Pont des Arts, between the French Institute and the Louvre.  The warm evening light basks the locals in magical enchantment, as they enjoy camaraderie, a bottle of wine, and a bite to eat on the bridge.  When the full moon rises, groups meet up and  revel together. Young lovers sit among the locks of love, on which couples etch their names, place the lock on the iron bridge and then throw the key into the Seine to ensure lasting love.

Independence Day Parade

The fourth of July means parades all over Vermont!  Dave and I went to the Williston parade, which was held on July 3rd this year.  It was a bright and beautiful day and everyone had a smile on their face!  Williston is my home town, and I haven’t been back to a parade there in a few years.  I situated myself across from the Federated Church, where my family belonged when I was growing up.  It’s a quintessential New England church!

We saw the town band, the multi-talented Yandell Family Band featuring Duncan on the fiddle, the Lawn Chair brigade, people enjoying the view, and lots of fire trucks and vintage cars.  I thought it was a great idea for Paquette Full of Posies to hand out their bright red annuals – very photogenic!